Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Basil Bbq Seitan (VV)

Bbq Chick'N Pockets (V)

Beef-Less Stroganoff (V)

Beef-Less Tips With Chimichurri (VV)

Beefless Comfort Casserole (V)

Beef-less Empanadas (V)
Campanelle with Lemon Pesto and Parmesan-Crusted Chick’n (V)
Chicken-Less White Bean Pepper Jack Enchiladas (V)

Chinese Chick'n Apple Walnut Bites (VV)
Creamy Chickn Fakin Bake (V)

Crispy Chikn With Wild Mushroom Sauce (VV)

Faux Chicken Patty Bacon Melt (V)

FBLTA (Vegetarian BLT) (V)
Gardein Chicken Parm (VV)

Mango Soyrizo Enchiladas (V)

Mediterranean Chikn Pockets (V)

Penne Vodka With Eggplant And Quorn Meatballs (V)

Perfect Vegetarian Tacos (V)
Seitan Nuggets And Sweet Potato Fries (V)

Skillet Chick'n & Mushroom Rice (V)
Smart Pigs in Cheesy Blankets (VV)
Sweet And Hot Cashew Chick'n (VV)

Sweet And Sour Vegetables With Crunchy Seitan (VV)

Thai Peanut Noodles with Vegan Chicken (VV)

Vegan Gravy (VV)

Vegetarian Chikn Spinach Salad With Carrot Dressing (V)

Vegetarian Creamed Corn with Bacon (V)

Veggie Meatball Flatbread Pizza (V)


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